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We have a combined total of 35 years Toshiba Photocopier experience, in sales, servicing and repairs.

All of our equipment is ex-government or ex-lease. Most machines are 2009 - 2014 models, with a limited number of earlier machines.

We mainly sell Toshiba Photocopier's, but do stock a limited number of Konica Minolta Bizhub's and Fuji Xerox ApeosPort machines periodically. All Toshiba machines are sold with a warranty.

We usually have over 50 Toshiba machines in stock at any one time, with most options available. 

Interstate Service

Deliveries can be arranged Australia wide at the customer's expense. We have a number of options available for interstate customers. For Melbourne and Sydney customers, the frieght is provided at a discounted price, and includes remote network setup. Melbourne and Sydney rates are: $195.00 including GST.

Brisbane / Gold Coast Sales

All Toshiba machines sold in Brisbane / Gold Coast include installation (network setup), this does not include delivery. Delivery surcharges for Brisbane are $145.00 and $145.00 for the Gold Coast. These fees are not negotiable and include mandatory insurance. Personal pickup's are welcome. Should you have any particular requests or after hours setup or delivery we are more than happy to assist.

Photocopier Relocation Service

We offer a relocation service for any Toshiba or Konica Minolta machine. This service is limited to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Please inquire for accurate rates.

Machine Trade-ins

We offer trade-ins for some machines. Please inquire for rates.

Service / Maintenance / Repairs

We offer full support for the models we sell.


Photocopiers can be quite inexpensive to run, especially in comparison to most leasing arrangements. The key to having an affordable machine is the reliability. We only sell reliable models, this not only makes sense for the customer but for us as well. Unreliable machines reduce productivity and end up being a never ending money pit. All of our systems have been tried and tested over years of field feedback, with a 90% reliability rate (no service / repair calls) over the first 12 months of ownership (excluding PM's if required).

Many will argue that monochrome machines are far more cost effective to run, which does have substantial validity. The key to choosing colour machines (especially if your copy volume is low) is to select one that is refurbished / serviced and has proven field success. Going for the latest model machine is not always the smartest idea, whilst in theory a newer machine will have less wear and tear and have mechanical improvements over its predecessor this is not always the case. Quite often the latest machines get released without adequate field testing, the result ends up being a raft of updates introduced by the manufacturer to increase reliability or rectify running issues. The problem with this is, if you purchase a machine without the updates you would then most likely have to pay for these down the track to ensure the machine operates efficiently. We take the pain out of this process by selling only proven machines with any required updates carried out.

Are leases the best option?
No not always. In fact, for most small to medium business that have low copy volumes (of less than 300,000 per year) purchasing a serviced / refurbished machine will be significantly cheaper. The cost of ownership between the two is quite astounding.

Simple Comparison:
Cost comparison Year 1: Typical lease, entry level machine - Refurbished outright purchase
Cost per copy: 1c Black, 9c Colour - 0.15c Black, 1.1c Colour
Rental per month: $180.00+ - $0.00
Cost (lease has been factored for one year, not including outstanding payments/break costs for remaining term)
Lease: $4,450.00 - Outright purchase: $2,400.00

Cost comparison Year 2:
Lease: $4,450.00
Outright purchase: $600.00

Outright purchase has the following factored: Toner, servicing and machine purchase

In the real world the cost of leasing would be far higher, we wanted to demonstrate clearly if we just compared year one and year two only, this only takes into account simple figures and will not reflect additional extras such as extra paper cassettes, LCF's and finishers.