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MODELS IN STOCK - January 2018
12 month / 30,000 print warranty! Warranty applies to all models sold in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast! Should any problem that is not caused by user error or abuse arise during the warranty period, your machine will be repaired free of charge! Our warranty is the only one in Australia that covers all components, both consumable and non consumable.

Toshiba eStudio 2009 - 2011 (MOST POPULAR):
- 2330c (23PPM A4)
- 2820c (28PPM A4)
- 3520c (35PPM A4)
- 4520c (45PPM A4)
- 5520c (55PPM A4)  DISCONTINUED
- 453c (11PPM colour / 45PPM black)  DISCONTINUED
- 451c (11PPM colour / 45PPM black)  DISCONTINUED
- 281c (11PPM colour / 28PPM black)  DISCONTINUED

Toshiba eStudio 2011 - 2015:
- 2040c (20PPM A4)
- 2540c (25PPM A4)
- 3040c (30PPM A4)
- 3540c (35PPM A4)
- 4540c (45PPM A4)
- 6550c (75PPM mono / 65PPM colour)  OUT OF STOCK
- 2550c
- 2555c
​- 6570c

Fuji Xerox:
- DocuCentre II C2200                             OUT OF STOCK
- DocuCentre II C3300                             OUT OF STOCK
- DocuCentre III C4300                            OUT OF STOCK
- ApeosPort IV Various Models                 OUT OF STOCK

Konica Minolta Bizhub:
- C280 (28PPM A4)                                  OUT OF STOCK
- C353 (35PPM A4)                                  OUT OF STOCK
- C451 (45PPM A4)
- C452 (45PPM A4)                                  
- C550 (50PPM A4)                                  OUT OF STOCK
- C650 (60PPM A4)                                  OUT OF STOCK
- C652DS (60PPM A4)                             OUT OF STOCK    
- C224 / C364 (22PPM / 36PPM A4)        

***A4 listed above means the quoted print speed is in A4, all print in A3 as standard

All of our machines print in A3 / A4 and can print / scan dual sided pages
Many optional accessories are available, such as: Finishers (staplers/sorters), large capacity paper feeder's, hole-punch's, saddle-stitcher's, fax kits and EFI Fiery controllers.

We primarily sell and service Toshiba photocopiers, with over 50 machines in stock at any one time. Toshiba machines have consistently proven to be reliable and user friendly, with excellent integration within every office environment. Consumables are very reasonably priced, with excellent cost per copy rates on both outright purchases and leases.

Most machines include the following features:

- Scan to email
- Scan to file
- Scan to HDD
- Dual sided printing / scanning
- Reversing automatic document feeders
- Print sizes up to A3
- Full colour
- Fully serviced including two months warranty
- Colour touch screen
- Fax (including fax forwarding to email service)
​- Department code setup for user account monitoring


Toshiba eStudio 4540c
Reliable and cost effective: $1,390.00 - $1,590.00
Includes 6 months warranty, delivery and setup
Our preferred machine!
Toshiba eStudio 4520c
Reliable with brilliant functionality: $1,290.00 - $1,590.00
Including 6 months warranty, delivery and setup
Our preferred machine and the most popular
Toshiba eStudio 255
Cheap, reliable mono (B/W) - $990.00
Colour scanner and fully featured
Includes warranty and setup
Ricoh MP C2050
A3/A4 Colour MFC - $990.00
Includes setup and warranty
Ricoh MP C2500
Relaible, cost effective colour A3/A4 - $990.00
Includes setup and warranty
Ricoh MP C5000
Fast, reliable colour A3/A4 - $1,190.00
Includes setup and warranty
Ricoh MP C5000
Fast, reliable colour A3/A4 - $1,190.00
Includes warranty and setup
Konica Minolta Bizhub C353
Fast A3/A4 Colour - $800.00
Includes setup and warranty
Konica Minolta Bizhub C451
High speed A3/A4 Colour - $900.00
Includes setup and warranty
Konica Minolta Bizhub C280
Reliable, award winning Colour MFP - $1,000
Includes setup and warranty
Konica Minolta Bizhub C452
Award winning, reliable colour MFP - $1,890.00
Includes delivery, setup and warranty
Kyocera KM-C3232
Entry level colour - $400.00
Includes setup